TafelTree-view (Javascript)

Treeview based on the library Script Aculous

New release v1.9.1 (2007-07-23)

  • Property "select" for branches

Older release 1.8.4 (18/06/07)

  • Function onDragStartEffect()
  • Function onDragEndEffect()
  • Server side cookie management
  • Bugs corrections

Older release 1.8.4 (20/01/07)

  • Bug fix for drag&drop
  • Function switchWith() and replace()
  • Function moveIntoFirst(), moveIntoLast(), moveBefore() and moveAfter()
  • Disabling checkboxes on some branches
  • Changes on clone() function
  • getBranchById() optimization
  • Bugs corrections

Older release 1.8.3 (03/01/07)

  • Hudge fixes for drag&drop, please update (2006-12-30)!!
  • Function enableCopyDrag() renamed in disableDropCTRL()
  • Getters and setters for icons when branch is selected
  • Can now get the copied branch after a copy-drag
  • Function getParent(), getParents() and getAncestor()
  • Function isVisible()
  • PHP Bugs corrections (in php4)

Older release 1.8 (12/12/06)

  • RTL mode (Right-to-Left display)
  • Icons for RTL mode (all is inverted)
  • Function disableDropALT()
  • Function setOnMouseDown() (and "onmousedown" branches)
  • Function setOnMouseUp() (and "onmouseup" branches)

Older release 1.7 (23/10/06)

  • Copy-drag (maintain CTRL pressed)
  • Keyboard management (copy-cut-paste, editing, delete, navigate)
  • Function clone()
  • Function onErrorAjax()


The download is from SourceForge.

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CVS version (module tafelTree) available at:

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You can also download older version which are still available.


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A complete documentation is available here



A Smarty module is developed for the tree. Thanks to Abalam! Module smarty


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